The Maiden Blog Post

As I sit down and begin to type, I have hundreds of ideas and topics racing through my head. I guess it doesn’t matter where I begin as long as when I leave I mark my place, right? I came up with the name “billfolders” because the majority of the posts on this blog will be financially related, hence “billfold”. We can consider “billfolders” people that aren’t stupid with their money. I don’t mean stupid like can’t make change for a twenty. I mean stupid like living with your parents to save money for a house but going downtown every weekend and blowing hundreds of dollars. I mean stupid like upgrading to the newest phone twice a year but struggling to pay the bill or data plan. You get the point. Some people don’t understand what they are doing wrong or why they are struggling with their finances, “billfolders” get it. This blog will be my attempt to help, educate, entertain and rant to the readers about all sorts of topics, many will be money-related. All feedback is appreciated…… we go.